Rosemary Mint Soap Bar


Shampoo bars are similar to regular bars of soap in many ways, only they usually contain a lot more castor oil, for a great lathering experience, along with herbs and oils that are especially nice for your hair. They certainly can be used as soap for the body as well. 


This is a wonderful lightly scented rosemary and mint soap. it is a 2x2 size bar (3.3 oz). It is also one of my favorites! This soap is like all our soaps which are  free from the harmful additives in many other soaps like — parabens, sulfates, dyes, silicones, phthalates, and more.


If you’re pregnant, have hypertension or epilepsy, rosemary essential oil should be avoided or used with care under the supervision of a health care professional.


IF you havent ever used a shampoo bar, just know it is very different than the harmful commercial  liquid shampoos you buy over the counter. It will lather well but you need to rinse with vinegar as this will balance out the ph of your hair. 


Ingredients: Olive oil infused with organic rosemary, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), organic peppermint tea, peppermint and rosemary essential oil.