Cinnamon Pumpkin Patch


Have you ever imagined the luxury of sinking into a tub of bubbly champagne, then our fizzy homemade bath bombs are for you. The citric acid in this recipe combined with the baking soda delivers a luxurious tingling.

Simply run your bath water as you normally would, remove wrappings and plop in the tub and enjoy!

Our bath bombs are created with as many organic ingredients as possible. These are a wonderful smelling cinnamon smell with a hint of pumpkin spice!  Please note the price listed is for 1 bath bomb.

Ingredients: Aluminum free baking soda, citric cid, bentonite clay, almond oil, pumpkin patch essential oil blend. 

For external use only! Also, the colors used in all our bath bombs are micas and may color your tub but can be easily washed away, and some of our bath bombs have glitter in them and will sparkly your skin a bit.