Tooth Powder- All Natural 1 or 2 oz


Our tooth powder is toxic free, mineral rich, cooling and refreshing. Detoxify, whiten, gently polish teeth and gums! Whitens and cleans without being abrasive - safe for daily use. Non GMO, 100% all natural with no fluoride. Is concentrated and made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. For External Use Only!

This can be made into a paste by mixing 1 part tooth powder to 1 part coconut oil. Pictured is the whitening charcoal tooth powder.

Potential uses : plaque and gum disease, fresh breath and clean teeth! I encourage you to do your own research before using any herbal products.

Whitening tooth powder ingredients:  Organic bentonite clay, activated charcoal, and organic turmeric, aluminum free baking soda, unrefined sea salt, and spearmint essential oil.

Peppermint tooth powder ingredients: Kaolin white clay, aluminum free baking soda, finely ground sea salt, peppermint essential oil.